Here at Mini Eden, we take care to ensure that our ingredients are of the finest quality.

We source our coffee from Carvetii Coffee who are proud of their organic, premium coffee beans and bold, luxurious taste.

They transport their coffee beans from ranches in San Ignacio, Peru, and Sao Silvestre, Brazil. The climate in these locations allows for exceptional produce due to warm, tropical temperatures, fertile soils, and few pesticides that could potentially harm the bean.

Carvetii headquarters then distribute these beans to local consumers who end up with high quality produce from which we can produce our amazing drinks.

We take said beans, grind them down with varying degrees of size and coarseness depending on which drink we intend on making. We then execute the rest of the steps to make the beverage.

So overall, our coffee is locally sourced and optimum for making outstanding and refreshing experiences.

Here’s our menu if you would like further insight into our coffee:

Fun Coffee Facts:

. The coffee bean begins its life as a green cherry which then ripens to form the bean that we all know and love

. The coffee industry is worth over $100 billion worldwide

. Coffee originated in Yemen, which is located just north of the equator and northeast of Ethiopia 

. Coffee is the worlds second-largest traded commodity before crude oil

. Beethoven loved coffee

. In ancient Arab times, a woman could only divorce a man if the didn’t like her coffee

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