Two Pound Tee-Shirt Scandal

Have you ever thought about the process undertaken to create your favorite tee-shirt? I’ve been wondering recently about how certain brands can create a product for such a small price.

 Puzzled, I hopped onto the Mac and began exploring the web. I found that child labour is prominent in the clothing industry. It enables companies to create products at a disturbingly low price. 

Did you know that according to the International Labour Organisation, approximately 170 million children are “employed” by clothing companies? Most of these children get paid close to nothing in wages and have no choice but to work for said companies because they are barely able to survive.

Why do these companies employ child laborers?

The main reason for employing these children appears to have nothing to do with economic efficiency. “Children are far easier to manage than adults – although they do tend to be less skilled, they are less aware of their human rights, less troublesome, and more flexible and expendable.” – The ILO

What can you do to counter this child labour?

. Buy products from ethical retailers like charity shops, who promote reuse of good quality clothing and accessories,

. Support producers and suppliers who commit to proper trading practices 

. Don’t support the companies that utilise child labour

. Don’t advertise cheap clothing on social media or any form of advert which poses a risk of accidental promotion

Posted on: August 8, 2020, by : admin
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